Humanfive exhibition

Humanfive exhibition - January 10th-mid February 2008, Galeria Victor Saavedra, Barcelona

"Kick the Bucket"

A show featuring work by MS, SR, JP and TL (not presenet in this show)of the former Canadian art collective, "Humanfive".

After 8 years of working together, the group of friends celebrates their first and last show as Humanfive in Europe at the Galeria Victor Saavedra in Barcelona. There is an accompanying exhibition catalogue that can be purchased.
Show runs from Janary 10th - Mid-February, 2008.

Despues de 8 años trabajando juntos, el colectivo canadiense "humanfive" , formado por Michael Swaney, Simon Redekop, Jaret Penner y Tyler Lepore( que en esta exposición no está presente) se despide como colectivo en Europa en la Galeria Víctor Saavedra en Barcelona


Galeria Victor Saavedra
Enric Granados, 97
08008 Barcelona
tel. +34 932 385 161

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ArtMind dijo...

I love the children's drawings and collages - does that count? ;)

ArtMind dijo...
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Zsuzsi és Anna dijo...

Must be exciting!

Zsuzsi és Anna dijo...

Must be fun!